School Board settles for $80,000 in slip-and-fall case


November 1, 2014 


The Monroe County School Board, meeting Tuesday at Marathon High School, approved a workers' compensation settlement for more than $80,000 for a former substitute teacher.

James Newmeyer, a substitute teacher at the time at Key Largo School, slipped on liquid and fell on the floor, twisting his right knee in February 2012. According to the complaint, he had several knee operations after the fall, including a total knee replacement. He also suffered from anemia.

"There's been some controversy as to whether [the anemia] was directly related to the knee and thus workers' compensation, for example, this may have been related to prolonged narcotic medication" that Newmayer took as a result of the knee injury, the complaint states. 

Nonetheless, the School Board will pay Newmeyer a settlement of $80,750. He will receive a lump-sum of $71,477.50 after legal fees.

Newmeyer was a substitute teacher until June 2014.  His attorney, Miami-based lawyer Ramon Malca, did not return e-mails and a phone call or comment.