What is SlipTec?

SlipTec non-slip floor treatment is a chemical process that puts an invisible tread design into the surface.


What surfaces will benefit from this treatment?

SlipTec works on any hard mineral surface indoors or outdoors such as: concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, chiclet tile, mosaic tile, dairy tile, glazed brick, terrazzo, granite, marble, slate, cool deck, etc. The product does NOT work on epoxy coated surfaces, vinyl (VCT), fiberglass, plastic, painted surfaces, metal, wood or clear coated surfaces. Coated surfaces must be removed before treatment.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of a SlipTec treatment are lower insurance rates and claims, morale improvement, tax credit, state grants, and contributes to an overall safer environment.


What kind of warranty do you provide?

ALL SlipTec non-slip invisible floor treat treatments are guaranteed for TWO (2) years. We have applications still effective after 10 years.


How long does the treatment take?

The application time is between 200-500 square feet per hour.  As soon as we are done, the floor can be used.


Will the treatment wear off after time?

No CHEMICAL or CLEANER will take it away. Actually, after the treatment, the harsher the chemicals you use, the better and more effective it will be.


Can I do it myself?

It is an application that we must apply. All tiles have a different composition, so the process works at varying levels. All applications require a test area before we even begin.


Will the treatment alter the life of the floor?

No. The floor treatment is not associated with reducing the life of the floor.


Ok, I'm convinced! What next?

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