Comprehensive Floor Safety Program


Measuring COF is the foundation of all SafeTec programs, entails collecting data, laying the basis for appropriate action. There are three steps to slip/fall prevention involving data collection: 1) measuring and recording the condition of floors, 2) improving then maintaining that condition to a desired benchmark level through effective treatments and routine care, and 3) regularly evaluating / documenting the state of floors to help ensure (and demonstrate) the proper degree of due diligence and care (the opposite of negligence) and compliance with safety norms.

It is important to first benchmark the wet Coefficient of Friction (COF) of the floor surface. The wet COF is basically a measurement that records how slip-resistant the floor surface is when it is wet or contaminated. This should be done by a trained operator to ensure the test measurement is reliable.

SafeTec uses the BOT-3000, or Binary Output Tribometer(, which has passed ASTM's rigorous precision and bias requirements, and is capable of measuring both the static and dynamic COF.

Once SafeTec establishes a baseline COF, and makes corrections to bring the floor up to the safety compliance benchmark, regular evaluations are performed to help ensure the floor is being maintained properly or to prompt corrective adjustments as needed.

SafeTec's comprehensive floor safety strategy also includes general measures such as placement of wet-floor caution signs and walk-off mats at entrances, and also specifies floor cleaning and treatment products, maintenance procedures, spill cleanup protocol, testing, inspection, ongoing education, training elements, and full documentation.

SafeTec also assists customers in developing a written and enforced floor safety policy and procedures guide. This process will improve floor safety, while demonstrating management commitment to prevention. The policy/guide addresses common causes of slips and falls such as poor employee training, lack of weather contingency planning, inconsistent hazard identification, inappropriate footwear, and improper cleaning of floors, among other factors. It thoroughly details how to perform - and document - measurement, improvement and maintenance of floors.


Program Snapshot

  • Identify / Establish Baseline COF
  • Anti-Slip Treatment / Sealant
  • Safety Enhancing Cleaning / Post Treatment
  • Employee Training
  • On-site Inspection. Evaluation for Maintaining Consistent COF