Dedicated to Safety

Sliptec is dedicated to help businesses and commercial entities reduce the fall and slip accidents that occur when floors become wet. We realized that our clients wanted their patrons and employees to be safe, without having to sacrifice the look and feel of their floors. The result of laboratory testing and applications in a variety of environments, many of our products are colorless and can be applied easily by our certified crews. Once the process is complete, the chemicals in Sliptec reduce slips and falls by increasing the traction of the floors.  Besides helping eliminate slips and falls, an application of Sliptec can also help reduce insurance premiums and costly lawsuits.

Sliptec Solutions offers services that will greatly increase the safety of your floors.

Our Non-Slip Floor Treatment Works on Almost Any Surface


About Us

SlipTec Solutions offers a wide array of products and treatments for any type of floor that greatly reduces the risk of a slip and fall accident.  In addition, we have specialized treatments for bathtubs that adds traction to the bathtub without changing the appearance. SlipTec floor treatments works best in areas where the floor becomes wet, which exposes the public or employees to the potential of slip and fall accident. When the treated area is exposed to water, there is an increase in slip resistance of 200 – 400%, not a decrease as a normal untreated floor would react to water.   Our treatments can be safely applied without jeopardizing the structural composition of the material on which it is applied. Many other slip-proofing solutions are applied topically and eventually crack, peel or rub off. SlipTec's treatments work into the surface itself so it will not crack, peel, chip, or discolor with age.  



Wet Surfaces Are the Biggest Contributor to Slips and Falls

A study of workers  who have experienced injuries involving slips and falls showed that approximately three-fourths of the indoor slip/fall events reported involved water.